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Engage with your Audience, Extend your Brand’s Reach and Increase Sales

A presence on social media is a necessity if you have a small business. In less than ten years it has gone from trend to becoming a part of our lives. Facebook alone has over 2 billion users worldwide! With so many people using social media, how do you reach them and what sharing platforms should your business be using? Oh, and how do you find the time to search for content to post?

Before you throw your hands up, check out these important benefits of social media for your business.

Communicate with followers in real time.
Build loyalty and brand awareness.
Easy, inexpensive way to share content.
Build trust.
Keeps you in front of your customers.

Humanizes your brand.
Establish authority in your niche.
Manage your customer reputation.
Boost engagement.
Increases visits to your website.

Crisis management.
It’s the storytelling medium.
Users can post their own content.
Lead generation.
Higher conversion rate.

DLJ Creative will help you target the social media sites you should be on based on where your customers are active. Our posting plans do the work of creating engaging conversations and building relationships with your customers and followers. All of our social media content is developed in-house and is tailored to your goals, in the voice of your business and reflects what followers want to see.

In addition to having social media pages, your website blog is another way to share content and build relationships. Our blogging plan will connect you with customers and prospects as well increase website visits and improve SEO. We can also take a great customer experience and craft it into a story in the form of a case study that will further enhance your brand image. Check our blog post to read how blogging can help your business. Is Blogging Worth the Effort?

Ready to get started?

Social Media Plans

Except for the Case Study, all of our social media plans run month to month and you may cancel at any time. This is especially good if you want to eventually manage your social media pages.


Facebook Posts

The largest social media platform with the biggest percentage of active users, Facebook is a must for any business of any size.

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Twitter Tweets

Twitter is the place to be if you want to build brand loyalty and engage with your followers in a more personal way.

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Social Media Management

Facebook & Twitter Combo

All of the features of our Facebook & Twitter plans rolled into one.

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LinkedIn Management

LinkedIn is the platform of the business professional, so if you sell B2B you don’t want to miss out on this well connected audience.

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Twitter Boost

Twitter Follower Boost

Increase your brand’s impact and engagement with minimal effort and time.

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Instagram Follower Boost

Hugely popular for its visual content, Instagram is a great platform for building your brand.

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Pinterest Follower Boost

Pinterest has the highest revenue per click of any social sharing network. Need we say more?

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Monthly Blog Post

We do the writing. You get increased reach, more visitors to your website and improved search engine optimization.

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Case Study

Customer Case Study

More than a testimonial, the case study is an in-depth customer story. Their positive experience with your business will be a magnet for new customers.

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