DLJ Creative Content Marketing

Win new customers & keep existing customers.


DLJ Creative believes that the success of your business is determined by your customer, namely their experience with your business. Every touch point your customer has with your business is an opportunity to communicate the unique value you provide them. Customers are expecting more from the companies they purchase from and it can be difficult to keep up with their demands. DLJ Creative’s content marketing services focus on the needs of your customers and will form a positive impression of your product or service in their minds, no matter how or where they interact with your business.

How can your business benefit from content marketing that has a customer-centric focus?

Increased reach and visibility for your business.
Help define and solve customer problems.
Increased website traffic.

Educate customers about your products or services.
Increased engagement with your business.
Provide a personalized experience.

Build audience.
Improve customer relationships.


Increased customer retention helps your business grow faster.
Maximizes the experience with your products or services.
Higher customer satisfaction rates.
Establishes your business as a leader in its niche.
Gain brand ambassadors.
Increased customer loyalty and brand awareness.
Builds trust.

Achieve your sales and marketing goals.


Our Process – Implement a carefully formulated content marketing strategy to build relationships and maximize the experience your customer has with your business.

  • We’ll perform in-depth research to learn what unique value your business offers in order to differentiate you from your competitors as well as identify any niche opportunities
  • Learn what challenges and goals your customers have and how your business can solve them
  • Address any challenges your business has with reaching and growing your customer base
  • Define your target customers through the development of buyer personas for each customer type
  • Write engaging content that builds your audience and effectively moves customers to take the action you want them to take
  • Get your content seen and shared on the social media sites that matter
  • Provide an easy path through the sales funnel so more leads become customers
  • Produce measurable results that will meet your business goals

At DLJ Creative, we truly enjoy consulting with our customers and have earned their trust to implement content marketing strategies that will maximize their ROI while being sensitive to their budget. We are known for our ability to actively listen and understand the unique needs of our customers. We would love to learn about your business needs!

How can we help your small business create a great customer experience?